Lisa Lucca - Coach. Speaker. Author.

I'm living true. . .


I have spent the better part of my life seeking to live true. Now that I have reached beyond the halfway point, I realize the deep value of being who you are, living where you want to be, sharing your life with who you love and doing work that you enjoy. I am fortunate to have chosen all of these things for my life. Yet, it wasn't always easy . . .

Raised in the Midwestern suburbs of Chicago, I never felt like I belonged. A part of me always longed to be in California, even though I had never actually been there. In 1982, at 21, I made the move to San Francisco, sight unseen, where I lived for many years. An around-the-world production job landed me in Nashville, where I married and had my son, Zac. A divorce three years later brought me back to Chicago to raise him near my family, and I finally found my way back to the Bay Area in time for my 50th birthday.

As a new chapter of my life unfolds, I make my home in the beautiful Southwestern desert.

working true . . .


 My 30+ year career began in the entertainment world working production and administration with A-List entertainers. A job layoff post-9/11 from a corporate marketing  job led me to my first experience as a coaching client and I was hooked. I enrolled at the International Coach Academy where I received my certification as a Professional Certified Coach, later training as a Master Coach. 

I've served as a Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network and as a Personal Success Coach with Nightingale-Conant. For 15 years I have been fortunate enough to help  hundreds of people follow their dreams and make the choice to create the life they want.

Part of creating mine includes writing. It's a call I finally started answering. After successfully publishing several essays on love and family, I'm currently finishing my memoir, Black Sheep. For more on my writing, visit

As an inspirational speaker, I have addressed dozens of groups across the country about living true to who you are with passion and purpose.

Loving true


My struggles in love along the way were many. After divorcing, I spent many years as a single mom struggling to find The One. As it turns out, I knew him all along, meeting him that first week I landed in California in 1982. 

After more than 30 years of friendship, Mark and I share the kind of partnership I always dreamed of, working together to build a life that honors our relationship and our individual dreams. Our co-authored book, You Are email memoir, shares our story via a decade of letters to one another about life, love, and the choices that shape our lives. After 8 years as "apartners" in California, we now share a lovely home in southern New Mexico.