"I cannot say enough about the life changing impact to be had when working with Lisa. She understands business fundamentals and intricacies, she knows human nature, and she is a studied coach - what you get amounts to an ally for your best self. At work and in life. Lisa has helped to make me a better person - someone who is self reliant, generous, forgiving and excited about the coming years. I owe her a debt of gratitude."  ~Content Marketing business owner, Fort Collins, CO  

"I was struggling financially and creatively, and my future was fuzzy and gloomy according to me. Today, thanks in huge part to Lisa's unwavering encouragement, support and golden guidance, I am actually rich! Rich literally as in set financially for life, rich in choices, and rich in relationships and experiences. If you're ready to start working on yourself today then hire Lisa, hire Lisa, hire Lisa!" ~Inventor & filmmaker, Door County, WI

“Working with Lisa I have developed a vision of my future that I could not have dreamed of…she has empowered me to advance my career and identify where I have been stopped in the past. Working with her has been an extraordinary experience I would recommend to anyone seeking to move to the next level.” ~Sales rep, Chicago, IL

 "Lisa lives what she teaches and encourages others to do... She is insightful, fun to work with, respectful, and tells it like it is. I have learned that life changes take time and work and Lisa has walked that road with me...My life has been enriched because of it." ~Registerd Nurse, Elmwood Park, IL

"I came to Lisa after two failed attempts at working with a life coach. I knew the minute I saw her profile we would work well together and our conversations confirmed my instincts.  Now all I can say is THANK YOU!  For understanding who I am, for holding me accountable and keeping me on course, for lifting me up and knowing your stuff.  Your coaching rocks!"  ~ Sales Executive, Washington, DC  

"Lisa is an awesome coach.  When I met her, I was unemployed and struggling to bring some stability into my life and my relationship while holding on to my creative aspirations. She's been my 'keel in the water' through tough transitions and has helped me become a stronger and happier person.  I now have a great career, am creatively active and I'm married to a wonderful gal with whom I share two beautiful kids." ~ Paul 


"I worked with coach Lisa for about a year on personal & relationship growth and development. My work with her helped me to develop my identity and self-confidence.  It really helped me create a plan for my life. When we started working together, I was in a long term relationship. We were young when we started dating so we had our on and off periods over the course of that time. We both worked with Lisa on our expectations for our relationship and it helped give us a platform to discuss what we would ideally wanted and helped us see how similar our goals and wants really were. Right after Lisa and I completed our work together, he proposed and we have now been married 7.5 years.  I believe the work with Lisa helped us establish a solid foundation for our marriage. We are both very grateful!" ~Tijen 

"My coach Lisa refused to let me stay feeling powerless or resentful. It just took way too much energy to hate my job or my life. So now I love my life, I'm in love with an amazing man (whom I never would have attracted before I started working with Lisa) and I feel closer to my friends and family than ever before. Lisa is like a best friend who really cares about me. But instead of colluding and agreeing with me, she is honest and straightforward. She challenges my negative beliefs and has amazingly helpful insights. We have a lot of laughs and we do a lot of good work together. I would advise you to call her today. DON'T DELAY!" ~Mardi

“"Lisa has been by my side as I worked through MANY toxic relationships and friendships, and navigated my way to the healthy, happy relationship I now have with my husband.  Lisa has been such an important part of my life that I knew without a doubt that she was the person I wanted to marry my husband and I, which she did in March 2014. Talk about going above and beyond, she worked with both of us together on what would be important in marriage beyond the wedding day, became ordained, flew to Chicago and performed the most amazing, personal ceremony I could ever imagine.  She is still always there for me…just a phone call away (which was always my favorite part because I never had to go out of my way to go to someone’s office to talk).  It’s hard to believe that I’ve come as far as I have and that in August 2015 my husband and I will be welcoming our first child.  Lisa has been with me every step of the way and has become so much more than a coach to me!!  I cannot thank her enough for all the guidance, laughs and love!!" ~Cheryl

"I achieved amazing goals with Lisa as my coach; published a book, grew my business, took exquisite care of myself and entered into the most amazing relationship where I continue to love, learn and grow.  I was encouraged and challenged.  Lisa is a great coach and an amazing human being."  ~Business owner and author, Buffalo, NY 

"With grace, compassion, and insight Lisa was able to cut through the fog and help me to see my very real choices. She is a very sincere supporter as I step away from the "shoulds" and move toward possibility!  I'm creating the work that my heart was meant to do.  Periodically people in our lives say the perfect thing at the perfect time and it wakes us up. Because of Lisa's insight and  clarity, she has said these kinds of things and facilitated more "a-ha" moments than I can count. She has been a true blessing on my path!" ~ Published author, Cocoa Beach, FL

"I can proudly say that as a result of this invaluable coaching experience, I now have a thriving business, doing what I love, and earning a steadily increasing income.  Now my rate of closing the deal is around 98%! I hope many more people will receive coaching from Lisa.  She is so real, supportive, kind, guilt-reducing, wise and empowering, healing and helpful." ~Music therapist, Sarasota, FL


"I found Lisa 8 years ago when I was looking for a life coach who would help me move toward my future, not dissect every bit of my past and childhood. I was all aboard the hot mess express and it had crashed both literally and figuratively. I was in my mid-twenties and needed help navigating life and moving from partying college student to adulthood.  I had low self-esteem and my life choices had reflected that.  Talking and working with Lisa changed my life dramatically.  She made me feel so comfortable with her great sense of humor and nonjudgmental personality.  Within our work together, I gained control of my drinking, made better personal and relationship choices, regained my family’s trust, worked through social anxiety, completed a master's degree and most importantly learned to LOVE MYSELF." ~Special Education Teacher, Hobart, IN 

"Lisa has been helping me navigate my career and personal life for a decade.  Through new ventures, relocations and relationship changes Lisa has provided a constant, realistic perspective.  You feel the love that she shares without feeling coddled. She is going to ask you the hard questions, tell you the truth (even when you don't want to hear it) and celebrate you to the fullest degree. Lisa's goal in life seems to be to make those around her achieve the greatest happiness.  Whether that is professional or personal, she will help you find the path to meet your individual goals." ~Designer, Charlotte, NC

"I came to Lisa after two failed attempts at working with a life coach. I knew the minute I saw her profile we would work well together and our conversations confirmed my instincts.  Now all I can say is THANK YOU!  For understanding who I am, for holding me accountable and keeping me on course, for lifting me up and knowing your stuff.  Your coaching rocks!"  ~ Sales Executive, Washington, DC 

"How your gentle confrontation concerning my physical pain, my depression over aging, my resistance to giving up my sense of power in exchange for the joy of new self expression, slowly and surely gave me more confidence to move forward in a positive and graceful way. Now, as I seek purpose and happiness in this continuing journey of my life, and share my god-given talents, I thank you, Lisa, for being a big part of my emergence as a realized woman" ~ Jazz artist, Sausalito, CA

 "Lisa is attentive and accessible and reminds me of my goals when I get spun around in a situation.  She's funny and direct,and has a good sense of when a good kick in the pants is needed.  She challenges me to take sometimes uncomfortable steps in the direction of fulfilling my dreams. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a life coach to help guide them out of the woods and to the top of the mountain." ~Web developer, Oakland, CA